An Exquisite Affair November 23, 2015 | 08:37 am

My cousin’s wedding this weekend was an exquisite affair. I knew she planned the whole thing herself but I was not prepared for the amount of detail and beauty incorporated into the setting. She chose a quaint little country church in which to exchange vows which was delightful. Every type of flower you can imagine adorned the church walls and pews. The blossoms gave the entire building a charming fragrance that her guests would not soon forget.

The best part of the ceremony was when the wedding violinist stepped out and began to play. I was actually expecting someone to start playing the church organ. The beautiful melody that flowed from this stringed instrument was indeed inspiring. It sounded like the angels singing. Nothing could have been more beautiful to make the ceremony complete. When I make the plunge into holy matrimony I will definitely have a violinist for sure!

Brighten up your garden November 7, 2015 | 03:20 am

A few years ago I spent an afternoon at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show and saw a display of award-winning evergreen green walls. Ever since that day, I’ve always wanted to have beautiful thick hedges just like that around the front and back gardens of my house all year round. So recently, when I came across a wonderful variety of evergreen hedges at my local garden center I couldn’t wait to order mine and get planting.

If you choose an instant hedge that has been created from the right type of shrubs, it’s an awesome way to add an evergreen element to your garden. After all, who wants to spend several months a year staring out onto a dry and dead-looking garden if you don’t have to? Choose a yew, laurel or holly hedge, for instance, and you will end up with a beautiful green garden all year round.

Losing A Job November 5, 2015 | 06:13 am

I had worked at the same job for the past 15 years. Unfortunately, the company recently downsized, and I was one of the people who was let go. I was devastated, but I tried to look on the bright side. I have wanted a new job for quite some time. It wasn’t that I did not like my job. I was just getting tired of it.

I have been putting in applications around the clock. I put in an application at a company to work as a London exhibition staff member. I have also put in an application at a health center. Additionally, I have put in an application to work at a daycare.

I have been twiddling my thumbs and waiting for someone to call me and tell me that I have been hired. I know that call will come soon.

Proud of My Son October 24, 2015 | 08:37 am

I got to visit my sons college last week for family day and I have to say it was rather interesting. I got to see his dorm room, all the classrooms he attends and I even got to check at his awesome silica sand project he has been working on for almost three weeks now. I am so proud at the effort he has been putting into school and even more proud that he has chosen the career path that he has. I always thought I should have gone to college before I had children, but I never gave myself the opportunity to do so. It’s a sad story to me, but at least I have raised a happy, healthy, and smart young man. He has turned out to be everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Decorative Alternative to Boring, Old Concrete October 21, 2015 | 08:33 am

This passed summer, my husband and I were exploring a delightful and rather large Victoria home that had recently been foreclosed upon. It had been up for sale for ages and had peaked my interest when I saw the price. I pondered all the things that could be wrong with this vacant piece of our areas history. Finally, after a few days of convincing, my husband agreed to let me call the Realtor and take a tour.

I knew once he turned that key, I would fall in love; And I was. The ornate woodwork, the high ceilings, the open staircase… I loved it all! Everything about this place was perfect. That is, except for the driveway. That night, while trying to contain my excitement over this magical find, I researched inexpensive ways to re-pave that driveway while still maintaining the Queen Anne feel. Then there is was. I discovered something called permeable paving which would allow us to essentially have the entire circular driveway paved for a fraction of the cost of traditional paving or concrete, while still staying true to the home’s history.

There were several different styles, but the one that surely tickled my fancy had diamond shaped cutouts that allowed the grass to still grow through. The pavers appeared to be strictly decorative but actually protected the lawn, while creating a lovely flow from the grass to the driveway and up to the rest of the landscaping. If you are looking into replacing your driveway, I highly suggest you look into permeable pavers and set yourself apart!

Time to Renovate October 17, 2015 | 05:37 am

I knew that it’s time to renovate the bathrooms Bolton after everything look so cracked and worn down. I had been saving for this day to come, and so I was ready to pay for it the day I knew that it was time. The house was a hundred years old, and so it didn’t come as a surprise for me.

The medicine cabinet needed to be replaced, and I choose one that was off-white. The tiles in the bathroom needed to be re-done, and I decided to match the color of the tiles to the color of the floors. The toilet was breaking, so I decided to get that replaced with a more toilet. I only to make several changes in the bathroom, but it made the room feel completely different.

Add Interesting Color Designs to Walkways October 16, 2015 | 08:28 am

For much of the Twentieth Century, residential walkways in the United States retained a gray, square, uniform appearance. Indeed, many sidewalks in both suburbs and urban areas shared this feature, a standardized leftover perhaps of the mass production mentality that developed during the first few decades of the century.

As manufacturers began ramping up their production lines to churn out millions of identical machine parts during the first years of the 1900s, a mentality of uniform efficiency took hold in many places. Sidewalks composed of seamless square concrete slabs certainly represented a welcome alternative to muddy streets or boardwalks; and over the course of decades, people began to expect them to always display a monotone, uniform, cement-like appearance.

Today, the existence of new porous paving offers a wonderful opportunity for individualizing standard home features such as walks. The new sidewalks can reflect a multitude of colors and interesting surface textures!

Caring For Concerts At Your Venue October 13, 2015 | 10:35 am

When I used to manage major concerts and events, some owners were hesitant to hire because they could not familiarize themselves with a work force in an interview or consultation, and liked more time to become familiar with my crew.

When you are in control of an event at your venue, you need to have the proper events staff London available to work for you. A work force who is not familiar with entertainment events may not be able to properly lead a fan out of a venue in the case of emergency or control a crowd if it gets out of hand. Whenever something bad happened at an event I was managing, it come back on me if my crew could not properly contain it.

Sometimes, it is best to contract with a third party to get the most qualified staff at your venue. You can find the best by searching online.